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Knives & Tools
C-1:   Adjustable Crease.
C-2:   Single Crease - Short.
C-3:   Single Crease - Long.
E-1:   Edger - Concave Back - 1/32" (0.8mm).
E-2:   Edger - Concave Back - 3/64" (1.1mm).
E-3:   Edger - Concave Back - 1/16" (1.6mm).
E-4:   Edger - Concave Back - 3/32" (2.3mm).
E-5:   Edger - Concave Back - 1/8" (3.0mm).
F-3:   FID Straight.  Blade 45mm.
F-5:   FID Curved.  Blade 45mm.
F-6:   Stretch Awl
K-x:   Half Round Knife - Extra Large.  Blade 150mm.
K-1:   Half Round Knife - Large.  Blade 125mm.
K-2:   Half Round Knife - Medium.  Blade 95mm.
K-3:   Boot Knife.  Blade 95mm.
K-5:   Craft Knife.  Blade 75mm.
K-6:   Craft Knife.  Blade 55mm.
K-7:   Roo Hide Plaiters Knife.  Blade 40mm.
K-8:   Clickers Knife.  Blade 80mm.
K-9:   Plaiters Knife.  Blade 50mm.
LS-1:  Lace Splitter
LS-2:  Splitter Spare Blade
PG-1: Plough Gauge Knife
PI-5:   Pricking Iron - 5 stitches per inch
PI-6:   Pricking Iron - 6 stitches per inch
PI-7:   Pricking Iron - 7 stitches per inch
PI-8:   Pricking Iron - 8 stitches per inch
PT-1:   Pommel - Turned Ironbark
R-1:   Round Knife - Large.  Blade 155mm.
R-2:   Round Knife - Medium.  Blade 130mm.
R-6:   Head Knife.  Blade 85mm.
S-1:   Chisel Skiver  Blade 30mm
S-5:   Skirt Shave - 5mm cut.
S-12:   Skirt Shave - 12mm cut
S-20:   Skirt Shave - 20mm cut.
SR-1:   Stitch Race - Fine  Approx. 0.7mm
SR-2:   Stitch Race - Medium  Approx. 1.1mm
SR-3:   Stitch Race - Course  Approx. 1.5mm
Presentation Carving Sets
PR-1: Carving Knife & Fork Set, Antler & Ebony Handles, Timber Box.
PR-2: Carving Knife & Fork Set, Timber Box.
PR-3: Carving Knife, Antler & Ebony Handle, Timber Box.
PR-4: Carving Knife & Fork Set, Wooden Handles, Cardboard box.
PR-5: Carving Knife, Wooden Handle, Cardboard box.


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Postage Liability

D&E Blomfield recommend that customers, or their agent, collect their purchased goods from our premises.

If a customer chooses to have their goods posted we wish to advise that the customer bears responsibility for all goods once they leave our premises. The goods are dispatched from here in perfect condition. With many years of experience in packing goods for post we will do our best to package well, but postage and the condition of goods in transit is the customer’s responsibility.

We recommend that customers use registered post through Australia Post. We also recommend customers take Australia Post Insurance as registered post only provides traceability. When invoicing the customer we can advise the cost of registration and insurance.

Please check with Australia Post for their terms and conditions.


D & E Blomfield assume no liability for any loss, damage, delay or mis-delivery of goods, for acts or omissions, including but not limited to improper or insufficient packing, securing, marking, or addressing, or those of the recipient or anyone else with an interest in the package.

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